Royall Tyler

Published Books

Japanese Tales. Pantheon, 1987. 

An anthology of entertaining or spooky stories from medieval Japan.


French Folktales. Pantheon, 1989.

A selection of folktales from Le Trésor des contes, a collection made in the early twentieth century by Henri Pourrat.

Japanese Nō Dramas. Penguin, 1990. 

An anthology of medieval Japanese plays.

The Miracles of the Kasuga Deity. Columbia University Press, 1992. 

A translation and study of the text of a major set of medieval Japanese picture scrolls.

The Tale of Genji. Viking, 2001 (hardback) and Penguin, 2002 (paper). 

The greatest masterpiece of Japanese literature and the world’s first novel, now a thousand years old.

Mistress Oriku: Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse, by Kawaguchi Matsutarō. Tuttle, 2007. Entertaining stories of the Japanese entertainment world, from the 1960s.

The Glass Slipper and Other Stories, by Yasuoka Shōtarō. Dalkey Archive Press, 2008.

Short stories from 1950s Japan.

The Ise Stories: Ise monogatari. University of Hawai'i Press, 2010 (with Joshua Mostow).

A major but rather puzzling tenth-century classic, with extensive commentary.

Flowers of Grass, by Fukunaga Takehiko. Dalkey Archive Press, 2012.

A classic novel from 1950s Japan.

The Tale of the Heike. Viking, 2012 (hardback) and Penguin, 2014 (paper).

The great Japanese martial epic, dated 1371.

Before Heike and After: Hōgen, Heiji, Jōkyūki. Blue-Tongue Books, 2012.

To Hallow Genji: A Tribute to Noh. Bue-Tongue Books, 2013.

A collection of medieval Japanese plays and essays about them.

A Reading of The Tale of Genji. Blue-Tongue Books, 2014.

Essays on this important work.

Takeumuki 1

From the Bamboo-View Pavilion: Takemuki-ga-ki (Fourteenth Century Voices I). Blue-Tongue Books, 2016.

Baishoron 2

From Baishōron to Nantaiheiki (Fourteenth-Century Voices II). Blue-Tongue Books, 2016.

voices III small

Iwashimizu Hachiman in War and Cult (Fourteenth-Century Voices III). Blue-Tongue Books, 2017.

The Castelvecchio Family, by William R. Tyler (formatted and supplemented). 2014. 

A book about the family of my father’s mother.

One Name, Two Lives. Blue-Tongue Books, 2017.

An autobiography of his youth by my grandfather and my own autobiography.

Great Valley

A Great Valley under the Stars. Isobar Press, 2014.

Poetry of mine from thirty-five and more years ago, set in the New Mexico desert.


Under Currockbilly. An Arthur Nettleton Book, 2015.

A poetic memoir of my year 2014.

Current Project

Continuing with accounts of the Japanese 14th century.