We usually keep only a few female crias each year but tend to keep male crias longer, often until at least two years of age. This spring we certified three new males, and you can see them on the "Current Sires" page. Although we cannot use them extensively because each is related to some of our females, we are proud of them. Several others are offered for sale for stud, and a few more are going off soon as pets.

Gunpowder Of the rest we are showing some, like Gunpowder, who won his class at the Southern Region show in June 2012 and came second in a large class at the Charles Ledger show this spring, 2012.


Sirius and Rigel came first and second in the junior grey male class at the Charles Ledger.


Just five crias have been born so far this spring and we are still waiting for the last. Of the five there are two females, one black and one grey, born to Flora and Rhapsody. We were particularly touched to have Rhapsody's cria since Rhapsody is 20 years old. We bought her on the last day of 1993. Although it may seem odd to continue to breed an old female, it was up to her, and she is very happy with her cria. The cria is called Rhapsody in Blue.


Shep There is no animal breeding without hardship and distress. So there were various problems through the year. We lost our last Maremma, Shep, to old age, and a beautiful young female, Tiger Lily, who had an invasive growth in her foot.

Tiger Lily